NATA Staff


Executive Department

Executive Director: Dave Saddler
Associate Executive Director: Rachael Oats
Athletic Trainer in Residence: Katie Scott, MS, ATC
Senior Board Relations Coordinator: Kandy Cefoldo
Honors & Awards Coordinator: Angela De Leon



Director of Finance: Kathy Crelly
Senior Accounting Coordinator: Barbara Mathis
Senior Accounting Coordinator: Nataly Leija
Accounts Payable Coordinator: Xareny Ferrusca


Government Affairs

Director of Government Affairs: Amy Callender
Manager of State Government Affairs: Lathan Watts
Government Affairs Coordinator: Jessica McDowell
Government Affairs Associate: Britni Adams
National Manager of Strategic Business Development: Clark Simpson


Human Resources/Operations

Director of Human Resources: Michael Anto
Human Resources Specialist: Nikole Trentacosta
Human Resources Associate: Melissa Aguilar


Information Technology

Director of IT: Drew Caffey
Drupal Development Manager: Michael Nolan
Web Developer: Phil Zamarripa


Knowledge Initiatives

Director of Knowledge Initiatives: Anita James
Senior Knowledge Initiatives Coordinator: Velma Meza
Senior Knowledge Initiatives Coordinator: Sidney Fuller
Online Education Specialist: Tracey Dreighton


Marketing & PR

Director of Marketing and Public Relations: Tamesha Logan
Marketing Manager: Dylan Orrell
Marketing Associate:  Zaneta Sevier
Communications Manager: Jordan Grantham
Managing Editor: Beth Sitzler
Senior Marketing & Communications Coordinator: Todd Christman
Web Designer: Donna Bourgeois
External Marketing Manager: Amanda Muscatell
External Marketing Associate: Patrick Buffum
Public Relations Manager: Ellen Satlof



Director of Meeting Management: Lori Marker
Senior Meetings Coordinator: Christi Gates-Hale
Senior Meetings Coordinator: Janet Butler
Corporate Sales & Exhibits Manager: Chad Cranford
Corporate Sales & Exhibits Specialist: Jodi Houle


Member Services & Business Development

Director of Member Services: Meredith Daniels
Member Services Manager: Kelly Carlin
Member Services Coordinator: Stephanie Littlefield
Member Services Associate: Susan Foster
Volunteer Engagement & Special Projects Associate: Ruth Riggan

NATA Foundation

NATA Foundation Director: Shelley Tims