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The 2014-15 Certification Maintenance Requirements outline the requirements to maintain your BOC certification. The requirements include information about completing the continuing education (CE) requirements, meeting the emergency cardiac care (ECC) requirements, submitting the BOC certification fee and adhering to the BOC Standards of Professional Practice. The BOC added a new continuing education category at the beginning of 2014. The Evidence Based Practice category helps ATs infuse the best new evidence into clinical decision-making, with the goal of improving patient outcomes. ATs are required to complete a minimum number of EBP continuing education units to maintain their BOC certification. All CEUs are due by Dec. 31, 2015. ATs certified before 2014 must complete 50 CEUs, including at least 10 EBP CEUs. ATs certified in 2014 must complete 25 CEUs, including at least 5 EBP CEUs.

Please learn more about upcoming changes to the way the BOC collects annual recertification fees.

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