NATA Study Guide for the BOC Exam (brought to you by ACES Preparatory Workshop) - FAQs

What happens if I accidentally close my browser during an exam?

Simply log back in to the NATA Study Guide, and the question you were working on will appear.


How much time do I have for each exam?

So that you will have an opportunity to view comprehensive feedback, you’ll have unlimited time to take your exams. Note: The actual BOC exam is limited to 4 hours.


How do I access the Book List?

The Book List provides a directory of study aids for the BOC exam. Once you’re logged into the NATA Study Guide, click on the User Home – Welcome screen, followed by the link which says “ACES Exam Study Guide Book List” near the middle of the screen.


Is it okay for me to copy or reproduce the material found within the NATA Study Guide?

No. Material from the NATA Study Guide CANNOT be copied or reproduced without written permission from both NATA and ACES.


Who do I contact with questions or comments about the NATA Study Guide?

Call 214-637-6282 and ask for the Knowledge Initiatives Department or e-mail us at


Who do I contact with questions about the ACES Preparatory Workshop?

Please visit this website:

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