College/University Athletic Trainers' Committee


This district-based committee is comprised of members from the collegiate setting, an athletic director and an NCAA delegate. Each district representative chairs a district sub-committee that includes representatives from the following practice settings: NCAA Division IA, IAA, IAAA, II & III; NAIA Division I & II; junior college; certified assistant athletic trainers; team physicians.


Identify and address issues affecting athletic trainers in the college and university setting.


  1. Study and discuss the unique concerns associated with the college/university practice setting.
  2. Develop programs and activities to address concerns and enhance the effectiveness of college/university athletic trainers.

NCAA Division II Summer Strength and Conditioning Workouts

NCAA Division II Summer Football Workout Checklist

Appropriate Medical Coverage of Intercollegiate Athletics (AMCIA)

AMCIA Document

CUATC Documents

CUATC Social Media

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