National Athletic Training Month 6 Word Declaration

National Athletic Training Month is a time to spread the word about the profession of athletic training and how it positively impacts the world. Participating in NATM is simple. Throughout the month of March, a variety of thought provoking questions will be posted on NATA’s Facebook page. In six words, make your declaration and shout it loud. Step into the spotlight and post your declaration on Facebook (

Sample questions to be posted on Certified Athletic Trainers Facebook Page:

  • What does NATM mean to you?
  • What is your athletic training elevator speech?
  • Why should ATs be in all high schools?
  • What is the value of an AT?
  • What do you love about athletic training?
  • Why should your legislators support HR 72, the Secondary School Athlete's Bill of Rights?
  • Why are you an AT?
  • How are you successful at work?
  • What makes you smile at work?


6 Word Declaration Examples:

  • Time to step into the spotlight.
  • ATs treat the hurting and wounded.
  • Athletic Trainers keep student athletes safe.
  • ATs keep the physically active healthy.
  • ATs are experts in immediate care.
  • ATs are health care providers too.
  • Athletes returning to activity with smile.
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