Doctoral Education

Doctoral Education is important to the profession, especially for athletic training educators. The National Athletic Trainers' Association (nor Education Council and its committees) does not accredit nor endorse specific doctoral education programs for athletic trainers. The following information is provided to assist those who are interested in doctoral education for athletic trainers.

There are several opportunities for athletic trainers when embarking on a doctorate. While there are few Universities that grant a doctorate in athletic training, there are several universities that provide research infrastructure, educational opportunities, mentorship, and financial compensation to athletic trainers. The list compiled below is intended to aid athletic training professionals by providing contact information related to the doctoral educational opportunities for athletic trainers wishing to pursue a career in the academy.

Preparing for a career in higher education (commonly referred to as "the academy") requires careful preparation to decide which program is right for you. Establishing clear goals for your scholarly research agenda is important as you investigate academic programs. There are several resources available to you as you investigate a doctoral education. Graduate education prepares the scientists and engineers needed by industry, government, and universities to conduct the nation's research and development; educates the scholars in the humanities, social sciences, and the arts who preserve and enlarge our understanding of human thought and the human condition; and develops the scholars in all disciplines who become the faculties of the nation's colleges and universities. Several useful links to assist you in the pursuit of a career in academia are listed at the bottom of this page.

The National Athletic Trainers Association, or its committee’s (Education Council and Post-Professional Education) do not endorse the links below. All information is provided by the institution and is listed here for convenience for those looking to pursue a doctoral degree. The NATA Education Council reserves the right to remove information at its discretion.

Athletic Training Doctoral Programs

Useful Doctoral Links

Assoc. of American Universities

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Policy Statements on PhD Education by the Council of Graduate Schools

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