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Earning EBP CEUs

How to earn EBPs through NATA


Convention Attendees - Chance to Earn EBP Category CEUs

For those who attend the three-day 2015 NATA Clinical Symposia and AT Expo in St. Louis will gain access to online courses that have been approved as part of the BOC EBP Category. These courses are a thank you bonus to convention attendees and are included as part of the cost of registration for the symposia. These home study courses will be housed in the NATA Quiz Center. Shortly after convention, attendees will be provided with specific information on how to use their convention registration code to access the online courses.
The following home study courses will be made available to convention attendees (more to come):

  1. Dehydration Causes Muscle Cramping: Myth or Fact? – 1.0 EBP CEU
  2. Concussion as a Public Health Issue – 1.25 EBP CEUs
  3. Clinical Gait Evaluation and Progressive Rehabilitation after Lower Extremity Injury: How to prepare for return to activity – 2.25 CEUs

By attending the convention and then watching and passing the quizzes for these online courses, convention attendees may earn up to 4.5 of the 10 required EBP CEUs.

ALL EBP Courses

  • Evidence-Based Practice in Athletic Training Level 1, Part 1- 2 EBP CEUs
  • Evidence-Based Practice in Athletic Training Level 1, Part 2- 1.5 EBP CEUs
  • Evidence-Based Practice in Athletic Training, Level 2 – 3 EBP CEUs
  • Aligning the Interests of Clinicians, Educators & Researchers to Promote Evidence-Based Practice – 1.75 EBP CEUs
  • Nuts & Bolts: A Practical Guide to Collecting Patient Outcomes – 1.75 EBP CEUs
  • Developing and Utilizing Clinical Outcomes Databases in Clinical Practice – 1.25 EBP CEUs
  • Foundational Concepts of Clinical Outcomes Assessment and Strategies for Implementation – 1.5 EBP CEUs

TOTAL –12.75

Of the 50 CEUs to be reported to the BOC by December, 2015, 10 must come from the EBP Category.


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