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World Federation of Athletic Training and Therapy

WFATT is a coalition of national organizations of health care professionals in the fields of sports, exercise, injury/illness prevention and treatment. WFATT seeks to promote the highest quality for health care and functional activity through the collaborative efforts of its members with a vision to promote quality health care worldwide to active populations. NATA is a Charter member of WFATT. If you would like to find more information, please visit the WFATT website.


International Learning and Volunteerism

Students and professionals discover information of participation in international service and learning ventures, which includes a list of U.S. based programs that are open to students and athletic trainers outside of those universities. Educators who are interested in creating opportunities for students or professionals in another country will also find toolkit to help guide them.


Working Internationally

Gather advice about working as an athletic trainer overseas with the U.S. military or in Canada, and browse tips for creating work opportunities and preparing for a job in another country.



Find documents that assist communication of athletic training and health tips and different languages, and explore websites of national and international associations in athletic training, therapy, and sports medicine.



Become aware of some international sports medicine conferences hosted by various organizations which provide the opportunity to learn from diverse professionals on the latest topics in sports medicine all over the world.


Frequently Asked Questions

View to some common questions of those who are working overseas or preparing for the move.


Get Connected

To view or join our growing network of individuals with international knowledge and experience ,visit our LinkedIn page, NATA International!
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