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Secondary School Position Guides – *Newly Updated*

Secondary School Position Proposal Guide
Secondary School Position Improvement Guide

Student-Aides Q and A

Secondary School Case Studies Workbook


2015 Gatorade Secondary School Athletic Trainer Award


Safe Sports School Award


Many athletic trainers work in the high school and middle school settings via direct employment with schools and districts and on an outreach basis from clinics and hospitals. More than 21 percent of NATA members provide service to secondary schools. In 1998, the American Medical Association (AMA) adopted a policy recommending that certified athletic trainers be available to all schools with athletics programs.

2010 Secondary Schools Summit, Demonstrate Your Worth, Linda Mazzoli

2010 Secondary Schools Summit, Justifying Your Existence, Brian Robinson

2010 Secondary Schools Summit, Improve/Change/Maintain Your Model, Mike Carroll

2010 Secondary Schools Summit, Budgets, Boards and Effective Strategies, Tanya Dargusch

2010 Secondary Schools Summit, Expanding the SS Job Market, Tony Fitzpatrick

NATA State Secondary School Committee Grant Program Funds Distribution Procedures

AMA Statement

Appropriate Medical Care for Secondary School-Age Athletes Consensus Statement

Appropriate Medical Care for Secondary School-Age Athletes (Manuscript)

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Are you an athletic director, principal, school administrator, coach or parent? This presentation is for you.

Hiring an athletic trainer has numerous benefits for all these groups and more.

High School Injury Surveillance Report

Parental Safety Checklist - This list can be distributed to Booster Clubs and Parents groups to ensure that students are provided adequate health care in the athletic setting.

Secondary School Employment Grant Program

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