Military Setting

For more information on the Military Setting, contact Angelito Jess Vera Cruz II on the CEPAT committee.


Military Challenge Coins

As the number of athletic trainers involved in the military continue to increase, it is important that recognition of the profession continues to increase as well.  NATA would like to offer its active-duty, retired, or civilian personnel members with an opportunity to purchase NATA challenge coins. We hope that these coins provide opportunities for recognition and advancement of athletic trainers throughout the military.
Please fill out this order form and submit with payment by April 30, 2014.

Athletic Training in the Military Setting: An FAQ for Athletic Trainers


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Military Job Codes
0018 Safety and Occupational Health
0030 Sports Specialist
0188 Recreational Specialist
0404 Biological Science Technician
0413 Physiology
0601 Allied Health Positions--New and Emerging
0603 Physicians Assistant
0607 General Health Science
0610 Nurse
0621 Nursing Assistant
0630 Dietitian & Nutritionist
0631 Occupational Therapist
0633 Physical Therapy
0633 Physical Therapist
0635 Corrective Therapist
0636 Rehabilitation Therapy Assistant
0640 Health Aide and Technician
0645 Medical Technician
0668 Podiatrist
0671 Health System Specialist
0685 Public Health Program Specialist
1701 General Education and Training (This is our current Series of the FLETC A.T.,C.'s)
1702 Education and Training Technician
1712 Training Specialist
1720 Education Program
1725 Public Health Educator
1740 Education Services
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