Executive Committee for Education (ECE)


The Executive Committee for Education sets the direction for athletic training education. Emphasizing a commitment to improving patient care through an evidence-based approach, the ECE proactively influences best educational practices that reflect the profession's interdisciplinary nature and commitment to learning across the professional's lifespan. The Executive Committee for Education is comprised of members from the Professional Development Committee, Professional Education Committee and Post-Professional Education Committee and the Athletic Training Education Journal editor and liaisons to the Board of Certification, Inc (BOC), the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE), and the NATA Research and Education Foundation (NATA Foundation). The Executive Committee for Education was formed in 1996 in response to recommendations from the NATA Task Force on Education.

Future Directions in Athletic Training
(ECE Strategic Plan)

    • Professional Education in Athletic Training White Paper
      The NATA BOD has accepted and authorized dissemination of the report from the NATA’s Executive Committee for Education (ECE) workgroups that have been examining the topic of the professional degree for athletic training and whether the degree should be at the baccalaureate or post-baccalaureate level. This project, under the leadership of Sara Brown, MS, ATC and Jolene Henning, EdD, ATC, LAT, is the result of a collaborative effort among more than 40 ATs as well as administrators who possess an understanding of and commitment to the athletic training profession. The NATA BOD charged these groups to examine the professional degree level issue. As such, the findings are informational and do not represent formal statements of policy. It is believed that this paper will inform the continuing discussion on the issue of the appropriate professional degree in athletic training. There are a number of additional strategies that are being utilized to develop a final recommendation by NATA to the CAATE on this important issue including open discussions at the NATA convention and at each district meeting beginning with EATA in January and ending with SWATA in July. Again, we reiterate that no decision about the appropriate level of professional education for athletic training has been made. That decision is ultimately the responsibility of the CAATE and as a NATA Strategic Partner, they have agreed to consider all available information in making that decision. View the white paper.
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