Clinical & Emerging Practices Athletic Trainers' Committee


This district-based committee is comprised of members employed in clinical and emerging practices settings.


Develop and promote new areas for athletic training employment, and address working conditions and employment issues for athletic trainers in existing settings.


  1. Support staff in job development and improvement efforts.
  2. Serve as liaison to athletic training educators to help translate changes in professional education standards and emerging employment issues.

Emerging Job Settings

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Clinical Opportunities in Emerging Settings Database - a FREE resource exclusive to NATA Members

The Clinical and Emerging Practices Athletic Trainers’ Committee has developed a  free, searchable Clinical Opportunities in Emerging Settings (COES) database for student clinical opportunities (internships) within emerging settings. The goal of this database is to allow students and members to search the database (by setting, state, district, etc.), providing them with a point of contact, facility information and requirements for clinical opportunities around the United States that meet their needs and interests. This tool is free to search and free to list your clinical opportunity.


CEPAT Documents



Advanced Knowledge and Skills


Professional Practice Opportunities

Professional Practice Opportunities for Athletic Training Students

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