NATA Lifesaver Recognition Program


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Each year NATA members are involved in saving the lives of athletes, officials, spectators, coworkers and the general public. The NATA recognizes and applauds these heroic efforts through its Lifesaver Recognition Program.

About the Program

The NATA Lifesaver Recognition program is open to any NATA member who is directly involved with a lifesaving event*. A lifesaving event is defined as a situation in which the victim(s) would have or most likely would have died had the athletic trainer not intervened by providing skilled medical care and assistance.

*Excluded events are those that occur when an NATA member is functioning or employed “on the job” as a lifeguard, EMT/paramedic/fireman or hospital employee.


NATA Lifesaver Recognition recipients will receive a Certificate of Recognition and a letter from the NATA executive director and president. Additionally, the lifesaver and lifesaving event will be noted in the NATA News.

Note: Lifesaving events involving the use of CPR and/or an AED are also submitted to the American Heart Association for consideration for its recognition program


The nomination form should be submitted to NATA within 30 days of the lifesaving event. Submissions may be made by the actual “lifesaving” athletic trainer, an NATA member or a non-NATA member who is also aware of the lifesaving event. Along with the nomination form, any two of the following items must be included for verification.

  • A copy of a newspaper article covering the event
  • A copy of a radio/television report covering the event
  • Letter from individual(s) rescued
  • Letter from an immediate family member of individual rescued
  • Letter from a bystander or witness to the event*
  • Letter from attending medical personnel (EMT, Paramedic, Emergency Room Physician)*
  • Letter from lifesaver’s supervisor/employer verifying the event

*Letters from 2 separate individuals are acceptable.

Note: You will be asked to upload the verification documents along with the nomination form. Please do not fill out the form until all components are ready to be submitted.

Nominate a Colleague for NATA Lifesaver Recognition

Submissions for this program are currently closed.