CEU Information

CEU Information


What is a CEU?

As per the Board of Certification (BOC) website: "Athletic Trainers (ATs) must complete a predetermined number of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) during the certification maintenance period".


What is a Evidence Based Practice (EBP) CEU?

EBP category CEUs are meant to help ATs incorporate the newest evidence into clinical decision making, with the goal of improving patient outcomes. By completing activities in the EBP category, ATs learn how to find and analyze the most current research evidence available. ATs are now required to complete a minimum number of EBP CEUs to maintain their BOC certification. Find out more information about evidence based educational resources and how to earn EBPs through NATA.


CEU Requirements and Reporting CEUs

All CEUs are due by December 31st of the reporting year. ATs certified before 2019 must complete 50 CEUs, including at least 10 EBP CEUs. ATs certified in 2020 must complete 25 CEUs, including at least 5 EBP CEUs.

To learn more about CEU requirements and how to report any previously earned CEUs see the BOC site.


What is a CEU Credit?

A member benefit that allows the owner to purchase quizzes. All members of NATA, who have renewed their membership in full, are eligible for 10 Free CEU Credits, a $250 value.

Dues Dates

CEU Credits

January 1, 2021 - June 30, 2021

Eligible for 10 CEU Credits ($250 value)

After July 1, 2021

Eligible for 5 CEU Credits ($75 value)


CEU Credits are available to be redeemed from February – December and expire at midnight CST of the Member's renewal year.

How to use Your CEU Credits

  1. Sign in to your Professional Development Center Account
  2. Search "Course Catalog" for desired course(s).
  3. Select the course to purchase and check the "Buy with CEUs" box to apply CEU Credits and continue to Checkout.
  4. CEU Credits will automatically be deducted from your total CEU Credits Available towards your Order.
  5. The course you just purchased will now be found in your "Incomplete Courses" section of your Dashboard page.


Additional CEU Opportunities

Through relationships with other educational providers, NATA is pleased to be able to offer members additional continuing education resources. Please browse the list below to find added ways to fulfill your educational needs and/or earn CEUs.