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Top 5 Ways to Appreciate Athletic Trainers

Athletic trainers are highly-skilled health care professionals who work tirelessly behind the scenes to provide compassionate health care for athletes, patients, soldiers, workers and performers. March is National Athletic Training Month, a time to celebrate the positive impact ATs have on work, life and sport. Here are five ways to join the effort.


Support the #ATshoutout movement on social media.

This campaign is a fun and easy way for you and your audience to engage in National Athletic Training Month. Here’s how it works:

  • Use your smartphone to record a video of your athletic trainer shoutout – the louder, the better!
  • Share it on social media using the #ATshoutout hashtag.
  • Then, tag a friend and challenge them to shoutout an AT.

Feel free to get creative, have fun or even be sentimental with your shoutout. As long as you’re appreciating an athletic trainer, you’re doing it right. If you need ideas, here are some of our own personal shoutouts to the athletic trainers in our lives.

If you are camera shy, thank an an AT on social media by using this shareable image instead. Use the same #ATshoutout hashtag. 




Put your thoughts in print.

Seek out opportunities to celebrate and raise awareness for the athletic training profession in print. Sports programs, magazines or other printed publications are great vehicles to publish an advertisement to raise awareness or even an open thank you letter to the profession.

Display posters or advertisement on internal and/or external signage available to you (bulletin boards, billboards, locker room displays, etc.). For friends of the profession with traditional media buys, leverage your add-value or PSA inventory to show your support.

We’ve made the following print advertisements available for free download, or you can get creative and make your own.


Think big. Think JUMBO.

Do you have a jumbotron, electronic scoreboard or other electronic sign at your disposal? Use it to publicly appreciate your athletic trainer during a timeout, halftime or even the entire month of March. Bonus points if you ask your PA announcer to have the crowd give the athletic trainer a round of applause! You could even shoot for the stars at an outdoor event by hiring a sky writer to blast your shoutout up in the clouds.

No jumbotron? No worries. Think about what options you have access to and use those instead. Examples include placing a banner ad on your website or hanging a poster in your facility. Even smaller recognitions are extremely meaningful.

Looking for some materials to get started? We have National Athletic Training Month logos and other visuals available for free download to make it easy for you to give your AT a shoutout.


Tell the press.

There is nothing more compelling than a heartwarming human-interest story, especially when it involves helping others. Athletic trainers have an unlimited inventory of stories that have yet to be told and are creating new ones every day. Identify four local stories to share with the media, one each week, throughout the month of March.

Engage your radio and/or television contacts in the celebration by encouraging the distribution of the athletic training appreciation video below and/or radio PSA. Leverage non-traditional media as well to show your support. Include banners on your website and electronic communications. Share interesting facts about athletic trainers throughout the month of March.

  • Sample PSAs
  • Sample press release
  • Sample social media content:
    • ATs provide compassionate care for all patients. Thanks for all that you do! #ATShoutout #NATM2018
    • Big thanks to my AT! Without you I wouldn't be where I am today! #ATShoutout #NATM2018
    • ATs keep our dancers on their feet. Thank you for all that you do! #NATM2018 #ATShoutout 
    • From early AM practices, to late night games on the road, and all the moments in between - @[tag your AT] is always there. Thanks for all that you do! #ATShoutout #NATM2018


Add a personal touch.

There are so many ways to thank athletic trainers during National Athletic Training Month, and a little goes a long way. Send an email or a handwritten note. If you work with an athletic trainer, show up for an early morning rehab session with fresh coffee and a pat on the back. Call them on the phone just to say thanks. Taking time to recognize athletic trainers, however you choose to do it, shows your sincere appreciation for the role they play within athletic health care.


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