Jack Cramer Scholarship Student Application

Thank you for expressing interest in the athletic training profession and the Jack Cramer Scholarship. This scholarship will be awarded to a current high school senior who intends to fulfill their career goals as a certified athletic trainer in a high school.

It is important that you complete the online application completely. It is highly recommended that you complete the Application Worksheet and use that to complete the online portion of the application.

If you do not complete the entire application, you may save it and return to finish. We must recieve one complete application in order to process.

All 5 parts of the student's application must be complete as well as the separate letter of recommendation by the sponsoring Athletic Trainer.

You, the applicant, will be required to complete five parts of the six-part application contained on this webpage. In addition of the five parts of the online application you will be completing, a sponsoring NATA athletic trainer must also log on to this website to provide a letter of recommendation on your behalf.

It is essential that your name, school name and city and state match exactly between the information you submit and the information the athletic trainer submits.

Deadline for the application to be completed is December 31.


Part One: Demographic information

Please list at least one university you have applied to that offers an accredited athletic training education program: (Name of university only) You may list more than one.

Part Two: Applicant questionnaire
Part Three: Applicant essay

Applicant essay (not to exceed 500 words), must include the following:

A. Indicate why you wish to become a certified athletic trainer.

B. Indicate why you wish to work in the secondary school setting as an athletic trainer.

C. Indicate how you will prepare yourself as a viable employee in the secondary school setting.

D. Explain your role as a healthcare provider to high school athletes upon successful completion of the Board of Certification exam.


Note: Please do not identify the name of your school, town, state or sponsoring Athletic Trainer in your essay.


Part Four: Narrative snapshot of your professional life in 5 years
Part Five: Essay explaining your vision of your future athletic training program

Describe your vision of the athletic training program at the school that hires you. Relate how your role as an athletic trainer will influence high school athletes and athletic training student aides. (not to exceed 300 words)

Thank you for submitting the application to the Jack Cramer Scholarship.

If you have any questions, please email sportsmedicineman@fcps.edu and place "Cramer Scholarship" in the subject line if you have any questions.

You, the applicant, are required to confirm your sponsoring athletic trainer has successfully completed the online process of uploading the letter of recommendation to complete your application.

Remember that the deadline for submission of the Letter of Recommendation is December  31.

If you failed to complete any of the three essays, your application is not complete. If you have not completed your application you can click the save button and return to finish it later. To be considered, you must complete each of the three essays by copying and pasting your text into the survey.

Watch the Secondary Schools Athletic Training section of nata.org for the announcement of the winner. Expected date for award announcement is May 15th.

Thank you and best of luck as you embark on the exciting career as a Certified Athletic Trainer.