Web Content Editor

We are seeking a web content editor with at least one year of experience to oversee our online presence. The ideal candidate will be collaborative, diligent, quick-responding and must have a good eye for design and presentation. This individual will work alongside our graphic designer to play a key role in the branding of our organization as they will be maintaining the continuity of our site while designing visually appealing and user-friendly pages. Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in a related field.

Software requirements: Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite (CS-4), Microsoft Office, PhotoShop. Experience with video or image software is a plus.

Skills: Experience in HTML is mandatory. Experience with Drupal, Wordpress, PHP, Javascript or jQuery are pluses.


  • Utilizes editorial and visual content, as well as, advanced graphic and web design principles to create new page layouts, site navigation, and site organization.
  • Updates the numerous pages of the site (including the homepage) frequently to reflect changing needs of the organization and its various departments.
  • Works closely with the other members of the communications team to assure a consistent and effective branding message on the web.
  • Maintain a professional appearance of web presence, oversees the design and addition of visual web content that will be uploaded to the NATA site by other employees.
  • Designs or assists in the design of email correspondence (e-Blasts, promotional communications) with members.
  • Ensures that the visual and audio content used on the site is legally permissible, appropriate for the editorial content, and of the highest viewing quality.
  • Assists associated organizations (districts, states, & committees) in visual branding by designing templates, etc.
  • Assists the marketing and communications manager in implementing strategic goals such as increasing event participation, member input, etc. through changing stories or features on the homepage.
  • Works with business development team and marketing and communication teams on ways to increase revenue and traffic on website.

Interested? Please send your resume and salary requirements to HR@nata.org or visit this link.


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