Student COES Database Disclaimer

Student Disclaimer

The Clinical Opportunities in Emerging Settings (COES) database has been created simply to be a networking tool for athletic training students in their search for clinical opportunities among emerging settings.  Neither NATA, nor any of their committees promote or endorse any of the emerging setting sites listed in this database.  It is the professional responsibility of all NATA members, both certified and students participating in this COES database, to maintain all ethical, educational, and professional standards established by NATA, BOC and CAATE.  Although, understanding the nature of emerging settings and the difference is structure and management, each student is encouraged adhere to the following guidelines:
  • A learning agreement and consent must be established between clinical site, university program and the attending student; for educational, communication and liability purposes.
  • Not all sites will be CAATE approved because not all emerging settings not associated with a specific university athletic training program.
  • Be sure that your clinical instructors are aware of your interests and options when it comes to selecting a clinical opportunity, whether volunteering or for college credit.
  • Inquire about educational and outreach components of each clinical opportunity.
  • Request written documentation of what responsibilities will be required of a student during a clinical rotation.
  • NATA, CEPAT nor CAATE audit or maintain any overseeing of educational, legal or institutional requirements

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