State Association Advisory Group (SAAG)

Marty Baker provided an update on the SAAG. Some states and districts bylaws/constitutions are in conflict with NATA’s. One such area brought to the board’s attention is career starter dues. Observing the career starter dues policy of dues relief is not optional at any level. This was voted on by the membership at each district meeting in 2007 and adopted by the NATA board of directors.
The board encouraged states to follow the district practice of having their bylaws state NATA bylaws take precedence in the case of a discrepancy.
Some areas for consideration for NATA and the states are bylaws, individual state dues collection, state discretionary legislative grants, requirement of secondary school benchmarking grants and career center policy observance. Although sometimes at odds, it is important for NATA and the state associations to work together both to achieve our mutual objectives and advance the profession. The creation of the State Association Advisory Group is a step in the right direction, and it may be that an even closer working relationship would be advantageous to both NATA and the states.
Staff will put together some initial thoughts, which will be vetted by SAAG board liaison Martin Baker, as a starting point for discussions about a more mutually beneficial relationship. This will be a topic on the May board meeting agenda.