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We will begin the process to upgrade our fiber optic system on Friday, May 22, which means our servers will be down temporarily. We expect our NATA websites to be available again on or before Saturday, May 23. We appreciate your patience.

NATA Staff

Executive Department

Executive Director: Dave Saddler, 972-532-8804, david@nata.org
Associate Executive Director: Rachael Oats, 972-532-8816, rachaelo@nata.org
Senior Board Relations Coordinator: Kandy Cefoldo, 972-532-8806, kandyc@nata.org
Honors & Awards Coordinator: Angela De Leon, 972-532-8832, angelad@nata.org


Director of Finance: Kathy Crelly, 972-532-8823, kathyc@nata.org
Senior Accounting Coordinator: Barbara Mathis, 972-532-8801, barbaram@nata.org
Accounting Coordinator: Nataly Leija, 972-532-8843, natalyl@nata.org
Accounts Payable Associate: Xareny Ferrusca, 972-532-8810, xarenyf@nata.org


Government Affairs

Director of Government Affairs: Amy Callender, 972-532-8853, amyc@nata.org
Manager of State Government Affairs: Lathan Watts, 972-532-8805, lathanw@nata.org
Government Affairs Coordinator: Jessica McDowell, 972-532-8830, jessicam@nata.org
Government Affairs Associate: Britni Adams, 972-532-8842, britnia@nata.org
National Manager of Strategic Business Development: Clark Simpson, 972-532-8833, clarks@nata.org

Human Resources/Operations

Director of Human Resources: Michael Anto, 972-532-8819, michael@nata.org
Operations Coordinator: Susan Foster, 972-532-8800, susanf@nata.org
Benefits/Payroll Administrator: Jessica Johnson, 972-532-8846, jessicaj@nata.org
Human Resources Associate: Melissa Aguilar,972-532-8818, melissaa@nata.org

Information Technology

Director of IT: Drew Caffey, 972-532-8839, drewc@nata.org
Web Developer: Phil Zamarripa, 972-532-8808, philz@nata.org


Knowledge Initiatives

Director of Knowledge Initiatives: Anita James, 972-532-8852, anitaj@nata.org
Senior Knowledge Initiatives Coordinator: Velma Meza, 972-532-8850, velmam@nata.org
Knowledge Initiatives Coordinator: Sidney Fuller, 972-532-8835, sidneyf@nata.org
Online Education Specialist: Tracey Dreighton, 972-532-8817, traceyd@nata.org


Marketing & PR

Director of Marketing and Public Relations: Tamesha Kennerson Logan, 972-532-8807, tameshal@nata.org
Marketing Manager: Dylan Orrell, 972-532-8825, dylano@nata.org
Communications Manager: Jordan Grantham, 972-532-8812, jordang@nata.org
Senior Marketing & Communications Coordinator: Todd Christman, 972-532-8820, toddc@nata.org
Web Designer: Donna Bourgeois, 972-532-8836, donnab@nata.org
External Marketing Manager: Amanda Muscatell, 972-532-8838, amandam@nata.org
Public Relations Manager: Ellen Satlof, 972-532-8859, ellens@nata.org



Director of Meeting Management: Lori Marker, 972-532-8840, lorim@nata.org
Senior Convention Coordinator: Christi Gates-Hale, 972-532-8854, christig@nata.org
Meetings Coordinator: Janet Butler, 972-532-8815, janetb@nata.org
Corporate Sales & Exhibits Manager: Chad Cranford, 972-532-8849, chadc@nata.org
Corporate Sales & Exhibits Specialist: Jodi Houle, 972-532-8814, jodih@nata.org

Member Services & Business Development

Member Services Manager: Kelly Carlin, 972-532-8822, kellyc@nata.org
Member Services Coordinator: Stephanie Littlefield, 972-532-8813, stephaniel@nata.org
Member Services Associate: Amanda Williams, 972-532-8811, amandaw@nata.org
Volunteer Engagement & Special Projects Associate: Ruth Riggan, 972-532-8841, ruthr@nata.org
Athletic Trainer in Residence: Open

NATA Foundation

NATA Foundation Director: Rachael Oats, 972-532-8816, rachaelo@nata.org
NATA Foundation Manager: Patsy Brown, 972-532-8847, patsyb@nata.org

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