The NATA attorney has made it clear that recording meetings places NATA at risk and is not a prudent option. Eve Becker-Doyle suggested the following points to address issues related to board meeting minutes, detail and deliberation outcomes and to give board members easy access to things they might be searching for in the minutes. Topics of board meetings will now be listed at the beginning of the minutes with click throughs to the appropriate item.

  • Starting with the minutes of this meeting, the executive assistant will compile the listing of items from each set of minutes into an index. The index will be posted in the board dropbox account. These will be updated quarterly and will serve as our index of board decisions going forward. Action sheets reflecting relevant board action for each committee, group or project serve this purpose going backward. This resource is quite cumbersome to put on line.
  • Board members are asked to assist in ensuring the accuracy of the minutes by providing input. Our current approval system allows them to give input within seven days of receiving the minutes and then again on the next board web conference when the minutes are ratified.