How to Access the Sports Health Quiz

Sports Health Online
How to Access the Sports Health Quiz

Below are instructions for purchasing Sports Health quizzes through the NATA Quizcenter.

  1. Access the NATA Quiz Center.
    • NATA Members: If not logged in to the Members-Only portion of the website, you will be prompted to enter your Username (NATA Member Number) & Password (If you have forgotten your password, you may request a new one by emailing the web designer.
    • NATA Non-Members: If not already registerred with the NATA Quizcenter, you will need to register for access.

  2. All Quizzes already purchased (completed and in progress) will be listed below the text which states: "CEU Quiz Center for [Your Name]"

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page where all Sports Health Quizzes available for purchase are listed.

  4. Select the quiz you would like to take by clicking the "Purchase Quiz" button.

  5. After purchasing is complete, please log out and log back in to the Quizcenter.

  6. Your purchased quiz will now be listed at the top of the page beneath the text stating:
    "CEU Quiz Center for [Your Name]"

  7. If you have questions remaining but need to stop taking the quiz and return later, simply stop where you are and log out of the Quizcenter. When you log back in, find the quiz listing under "Your Quizzes" and click on the text which states: "Click here to answer the remaining X number of questions."

  8. You are alloted one and only one chance to take quizzes. Please take your time.

  9. To print your certificate of completion, please select the "View Results" link below the quiz listing under "Your Quizzes". An option to view a printable version will be listed at the top of your results page.

  10. Do not hesitate to contact the Web Designer if you have questions about the Quiz Center.
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