Quiz Center Guidelines

  • CEU Quizzes are available to NATA Members and Non-Members.
  • Members, sign in to your quiz center at http://members.nata.org/members1/members.cfm. To use your free CEU bucks, scroll down to "Online CEU Quizzes." Select the quiz you wish to apply CEU bucks toward by clicking ONCE on the "Purchase" button. CEU bucks will automatically be deducted from your total available. The quiz you just purchased will then be found at the top of your page under the section, "Your Quizzes."
  • Non-Members must complete a free, one-time registration to use the CEU Quiz Center. Once registered, login to your CEU Quiz Center account to purchase and access quizzes.
  • For NATA online quizzes: All users must first view the online presentation prior to taking the CEU Quiz. Online courses can be found here.
  • You are allowed to take the quiz three times. A passing score is 70 percent. You must pass the quiz in order to earn your CEUs.
  • After successfully completing each quiz, you may print a completion certificate at any time by returning to your Quiz Center account.  Under the selected course, press “Click here to view results” to retrieve your certificate.  This certificate should be added to your CEU folder and reported to the BOC.
  • Each quiz consists of multiple choice and/or true/false questions; you may take as long as you like to complete the quiz; leaving and returning to the quiz center will allow you to resume incomplete quizzes at the next question.
  • Journal of Athletic Training quizzes are based on issues of the JAT, which can be read here. CEU Bucks cannot currently be used to purchase quizzes based on the Journal of Athletic Training.
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