Module 10.7 - Achilles Tendon Management

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Updates on Current Clinical Practice & Medical Yoga Use in Achilles Tendon Management

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Medical Therapeutic Yoga In America: Module 10.7
A Model for Improving Patient Outcomes and Health Care in America

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Thursday, November 8, 2012


11:00 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. Central (Noon Eastern, 9 a.m. Pacific)


Module 10.7 is part 7 of a 12 part series on using medical therapeutic yoga in orthopaedics and promotion of systemic wellness through healthy gastrointestinal function and how it relates to joint function.

Achilles tendon injury is one of the most common overuse injuries reported in the literature today.  However, the suspected etiology and progression of Achilles tendon dysfunction is now changing, thanks to current research.  In this CE you will learn how histological discoveries are changing what we know about Achilles tendon injury management today, as well as the therapeutic paradigm in the Professional Yoga Therapy method which allows for a well-rounded holistic approach to patient care and injury prevention.

This CE explores the relationship and potential healing power that CAM methods have in clinical care for the AT with respect to holistic nutrition and yoga.  Yoga is a modality which is inexpensive, allows for diverse clinical application, and can simultaneously affect physical, energetic, and psycho-emotional health.   Further, yoga has the potential to improve continuity of care, since you as the clinician will be able to offer a wider range of programming that starts not just at a patient’s initial visit but can see them all the way through post-discharge group therapy classes. 

Practicing yoga based on current medical science brings the ancient practice of yoga into the 21st century and makes it useable, effective, and safer.  Learning yoga techniques in the Professional Yoga Therapy method offers the advantage of combining the best of tested physical therapy and sports medicine practices with evidence base yoga. 

Further, adding yoga to your toolbox is globally beneficial because it harnesses the evidence based power to lower stress, improve function, and increase quality of life for the patient and practitioner.  This CE will equip you with the tools necessary to identify at risk populations, minimize risk factors in AT injury, and use the evaluative conceptual model necessary to use yoga for the Achilles tendon in a medical setting. 

This CE will critically analyze 17 yoga postures, as well as other holistic methods for the AT in both acute and subacute or chronic phases.   Direct application through postural evaluation will give the clinician the tools necessary for immediate intervention in the AT population.

Professional Yoga Therapy has been leading the way in medical yoga since 2001 with its grassroots programs in post-graduate evidence-based medical therapeutic yoga.  PYT standardizes methodology for evaluation and management in prevention and pathophysiology through education in evidence based CAM modalities, specifically medical therapeutic yoga.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the morphologic, bony, and biomechanical changes of the Achilles tendon to identify tendinosis phases.
  • List the 2 categories of predisposing risk factors for Achilles tendinosis in order to understand 12 factors for injury prevention.
  • Discuss current evidence based conventional therapeutic methods for Achilles tendon injury and how clinical efficacy can be enhanced through integration of the holistic medical therapeutic yoga model.
  • Critically analyze the biopsychosocial model of assessment used in integrative medicine in a case study format using 17 yoga postures and other methodology to follow a patient plan of care from the acute to chronic phases of Achilles tendinopathy management.
  • Summarize the guidelines, indications, and contraindications for the safe application and appropriate use of medical therapeutic yoga for Achilles tendon injuries.


Ginger Garner, MPT, ATC

Ginger Garner MPT, ATC, is a licensed physical therapist, athletic trainer, and an educator in medical therapeutic yoga, women's health, and holistic pain management.

Ginger is founder of Professional Yoga Therapy (PYT), the first education program for Complementary and Alternative Medicine practice in medical therapeutic yoga in the US. During the last 15 years throughout the US, Ginger has traveled to educate health care professionals about integrative rehabilitation using techniques such as yoga and Pilates, and to raise awareness about improving healthcare and its delivery. Ginger's method is documented in her positively reviewed DVD, Ancient Yoga, New You.

Ginger is a published author who also pens the popular blog about work/life balance and healing arts for mothers, Breathing In This Life. She has been published or featured in the International Journal of Yoga Therapy, Lower Extremity Review, PT Advance, OT Advance, IDEA fit, National Association of Mothers' Centers' Your Wo(man) in Washington, People magazine's Mother and Babies blogroll, USA today, and in local print and radio. Her current projects include writing texts in and teaching continuing education on medical therapeutic yoga, as well as writing a women's health book on medical yoga use during pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond.

Ginger's work extends beyond the border of the US to include Haiti and Afghanistan, where she has worked through since 2008 to improve health care for women and children.
You can reach Ginger at her websites,


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