Board of Directors

NATA Board of Directors

Back Row (left to right):  Julie Rochester, Bart Peterson, Patricia Aronson, Eric McDonnell, Cari Wood
Front Row (left to right): Michael Goldenberg, MaryBeth Horodyski,Scott Sailor, Jim Thornton, Paul Ullucci, Kathy Dieringer


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Performing Arts Setting

For more information on the Performing Arts Setting, contact Megan E. (Meg) Schneider or Wendy M Levanway on the CEPAT committee.


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A 2012 membership survey indicated the need for a new logo that would better represent where athletic trainers are positioned within the health care marketplace. Asked to create a new brand for athletic trainers with a greater emphasis on medicine, graphic designer Colby Ray created a sleek, modern visual that draws attention to the "AT" portion of NATA by reversing those two letters.


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