Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer Award

The Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer award recognizes NATA members who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to leadership, volunteer service, advocacy and distinguished professional activities as an athletic trainer.  MDAT exclusively recognizes NATA members who  have been involved in  service and leadership activities at the national and district level.  No other award, NATA or otherwise, is a prerequisite for eligibility for MDAT.

Athletic Trainer Service Award

The Athletic Trainer Service award recognizes NATA members for their contributions to the athletic training profession as a volunteer at the local and state levels. ATSA recipients have been involved in professional associations, community organizations, grassroots public relations efforts and service as a volunteer athletic trainer. No other award, NATA or otherwise, is a prerequisite for eligibility for the ATSA.

President's Challenge

The President’s Challenge award honors one individual each year for a lifetime of outstanding contributions that directly impact health care in the area of athletics, athletic training, or sports medicine and are of major and lasting importance. This award provides a stimulus for continued service, research and education in the field of athletic health care. It fosters joint recognition among members of the NATA and other disciplines and serves as a reminder of the important role these groups play in the future of athletic care.

Honorary Membership

Honorary membership in NATA is awarded to individuals who have shown profound interest in and have made significant contributions to the profession of athletic training. These persons display a dedication to advancing, promoting and championing the efforts of our association and its members.


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