Diversity Enhancement Grants

The NATA Ethnic Diversity Advisory Committee (EDAC) has made planning grants available to those educational institutions seeking to enhance ethnic diversity within the profession. These grants may be awarded to educational institutions under one of the following three categories:

Category 1. Develop various programs intended to recruit, retain and educate ethnically diverse athletic training student with the intent to increase the number of ethnically diverse certified athletic trainers.

Examples may include but are not limited to:

  • Encourage the development of CAATE accredited programs at predominantly ethnically diverse institutions of higher education
  • On campus career days and/or camps targeted towards ethnically diverse high school and/or college/university students
  • Outreach visits to classes in predominantly ethnic high schools and/or colleges/universities
  • Public relations outreach targeting popular publications

Category 2. Disseminate information relating to health care issues and conditions relevant to ethnically-diverse populations (sickle cell disease, lactose intolerance, at-risk populations, Blount's Disease, hypertension, etc).

Examples may include but are not limited to:

  • Enhance educational sessions at national symposium
  • Development of PR materials

Category 3. Enhance the professional development and stature of ethnically diverse Certified Athletic Trainers to better serve the profession (ultimately leading to an increased representation of ethnically diverse leaders at both the district and national level).

Examples may include but are not limited to:

  • Development of PR materials
  • Develop an educational website
  • Leadership training for ethnically diverse athletic trainers


Download the EDAC Diversity Enhancement Grant Application (pdf).


Grants up to $5,000 may be awarded to each applicant once per calendar year. Grant monies may not be used to pay indirect (overhead) or facilities and administrative costs. Please note that in general, budget requests for line items dated before review outcomes are mailed to applicants, salaries, professional memberships and development (unless as part of a mentorship program), and capital expenditures will NOT be considered. We do not award funding for original research or scholarships.


An institution may apply for a grant provided that a certified member of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) is included in the grant proposal team. For ease of distribution, an electronic copy of the application should be sent to the chair of the NATA Ethnic Diversity Advisory Committee, Murphy Grant, at mgrant@ku.edu, to the Grant Committee chair, Dani Moffit at moffdani@isu.edu, and to the EDAC liaison at NATA, Jordan Grantham, at jordang@nata.org.


Evaluation Procedure:

The EDAC Grant Committee is responsible for reviewing and recommending funding of proposals to the National Athletic Trainers’ Association Research and Education Foundation.  The Grant Committee will review proposals that meet the application requirements for their completeness and determine if the application meets the above criteria.  The general procedures for review include:

  • The EDAC Grant Committee Chair will conduct a mechanical review.
  • Complete proposals will be distributed to the review committee. 
  •  The Grant Committee may decide that applications fall into one of four categories:
  1. Fully fund immediately
  2. Fund as indicated after recommended revisions are made
  3. Not funded at this time, resubmission recommended, and
  4. Not funded at this time, resubmission not recommended.

The Grant Committee chair will notify applicants of the status of their proposal.



Preference will be given to proposals that will enhance ethnic diversity within our professional membership and that demonstrate:

  1. Need for financial support;
  2. Quality submitted materials;
  3. Appropriate qualifications of the applicants.



The deadline for receipt of a proposal is April 1 of each calendar year.



The Chair of the EDAC Grant Committee will send a letter to the principal applicant indicating the outcome of the reviews. Letters are sent in July.


Grant Requirements:

Any individual or institution who receives grant funding will be required to complete a final grant packet that includes the final outcomes for the grant. In addition, there is a requirement that at the following NATA convention, the awardee will be expected to have a poster presentation and present two slides on the project at the EDAC Town Hall. Awardees who do not follow the grant requirements will be unable to receive any further grant funding from the EDAC Enhancement Grants.

Grant winners are provided with grant award accountability conditions upon receipt of an Ethnic Diversity Enhancement Grant. The conditions require that the grant winner(s):

  • Acknowledge funding from the NATA Ethnic Diversity Advisory Committee in any print and website publications, publicity or presentations done in any grant-related activities. 
  • Submit any pictures of the events, testimonials or follow-up (ex. programmatic outcomes) completed related to this project.
  • Submit an abstract summary of the project.
  • Provide an expenditure summary at the end of the project and return any unused funds to NATA.
  • Present or provide a poster for presentation at the Ethnic Diversity Advisory Committee Town Hall Meeting at the NATA Clinical Symposia & AT Expo.

NATA Ethnic Diversity Advisory Committee
Ethnic Diversity Enhancement Grant Application Proposal Format

Please submit the entire grant application as ONE PDF DOCUMENT, including the following sections:

  • Cover sheet
  • Abstract summarizing the project (250 words maximum).
  • Brief history of the institution
  • Brief history of the athletic training program and services. (The inclusion of statistical information specifically in regards to ethnic and/or other diversity within the athletic training major, and the department/college/institution is required. Consider current students, graduates and certified graduates.)
  • Summary of the project. The summary must include the following criteria:
  1. Indicate the objectives/outcomes of the project and how they will be measured (include 1-year, 3-year, and final outcomes, as necessary). We would like to see sustainability of programs that does not require continual support from an EDAC Enhancement grant.
  2. Include a description of how this program proposal will enhance ethnic diversity within the professional membership, as well as how it advocates the mission of the NATA EDAC. 
  3. Additional information supporting financial need or specific budgetary constraints is helpful in regards to how the review committee perceives financial need. Please be specific.
  • Letter of support from the academic dean, institutional president or other appropriate administrator other than applicant.
  • Anticipated timeline of your project. Please provide specific information (ex. dates, schedules, etc.) that will aid the reviewers in understanding how the project will be completed. This timeline must include a report of outcome measures, including how/when the outcomes will be met.
  • Budget - use included itemized budget sheet format. PLEASE NOTE: The following will NOT be considered: a) budget requests for line items dated before review outcomes are mailed to applicants; b) salaries; c) professional memberships and development; d) instructional supplies and equipment; e) dues; f) capital expenditures; or g) overhead costs required by the institution. You must provide justification for budget requests and provide price quotes for each item. Proof of price quotes for requested items are required to release funding for a grant.