Jack Weakley Award of Distinction

The Jack Weakley Award of Distinction, formerly the President’s Challenge award honors one individual each year for a lifetime of outstanding contributions that directly impact health care in the area of athletics, athletic training, or sports medicine and are of major and lasting importance. This award provides a stimulus for continued service, research and education in the field of athletic health care. It fosters joint recognition among members of the NATA and other disciplines and serves as a reminder of the important role these groups play in the future of athletic care.

Past President's Challenge Recipients


  • Must be a non-athletic trainer
  • The nomination should be based upon a specific contribution to sports medicine by an individual whose actions:                                      
    • Result in a recognizable improvement in the quality of health care in the area of athletics, athletic training or sports medicine; and
    • Have an impact that is either national in scope or of major and lasting importance.

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