Where can I acquire professional liability insurance while working overseas?

Athletic trainers working in Europe will need to purchase "Versicherung" (insurance). US issued liability insurance is NOT VALID in the European Union (EU).

Insurance issued is capped at € 1,000,000 with a € 120.17 annual premium. Insurance is issued from DBV-Winterthur Versicherung (Winterthur Insurance) in Wiesbaden, Germany but must be purchased through a "Versicherung Mittel" (Insurance Agent).

ATs who are US government ID cardholders can avoid the 19% "Mehewertsteuer" (Value Added Tax) by utilizing a VAT Form available to at any US installation, one of the perks working for the US government.
One insurance agency that has worked with ATC's, speaks English, and accepts the VAT form is Bohling Agency, Ludwigshoestrasse 139, Darmstadt, Germany. Phone: +(49) 06151-641-61.