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Journal of Athletic Training - Vol. 45.4

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  • Pilot Evaluation of a Novel Clinical Test of Reaction Time in National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Football Players
    James T. Eckner, MD; Jeffrey S. Kutcher, MD; James K. Richardson, MD
    Pages 327-332
  • Temperature Increases in the Human Achilles Tendon During Ultrasound Treatments With Commercial Ultrasound Gel and Full-Thickness and Half-Thickness Gel Pads
    David O. Draper, EdD, LAT, ATC, FNATA; Clinton G. Edvalson, MS, LAT, ATC;
    Kenneth L. Knight, PhD, ATC, FNATA, FACSM; Dennis Eggett, PhD; Joseph Shurtz, BS, ATC
    Pages 333-337
  • Response of Thermocouples Interfaced to Electrothermometers When Immersed in 5 Water Bath Temperatures
    Blaine C. Long, PhD, LAT, ATC; Lisa S. Jutte, PhD, LAT, ATC; Kenneth L. Knight, PhD, ATC, FNATA, FACSM
    Pages 338-343
  • Normative and Critical Criteria for Iliotibial Band and Iliopsoas Muscle Flexibility
    Reed Ferber, PhD, CAT(C), ATC; Karen D. Kendall, MKin, CAT(C); Lindsay McElroy, BKin, CAT(C)
    Pages 344-348
  • The Reliability of Portable Fixed Dynamometry During Hip and Knee Strength Assessments
    Roger O. Kollock Jr, MA, ATC, CSCS; James A. Onate, PhD, ATC; Bonnie Van Lunen, PhD, ATC
    Pages 349-356
  • Tibiofemoral Joint Positioning for the Valgus Stress Test
    Patricia A. Aronson, PhD, ATC; Joe H. Gieck, EdD, PT, ATC; Jay Hertel, PhD, ATC, FNATA, FACSM;
    Arie M. Rijke, PhD, MD; Christopher D. Ingersoll, PhD, ATC, FNATA, FACSM
    Pages 357-363
  • Sweat Rates, Sweat Sodium Concentrations, and Sodium Losses in 3 Groups of Professional Football Players
    Sandra Fowkes Godek, PhD, ATC; Chris Peduzzi, MA, ATC; Richard Burkholder, MS, ATC;
    Steve Condon, MA, ATC; Gary Dorshimer, MD; Arthur R. Bartolozzi, MD
    Pages 364-371
  • Social Support Patterns of Collegiate Athletes Before and After Injury
    Jingzhen Yang, PhD, MPH; Corinne Peek-Asa, PhD, MPH; John B. Lowe, DrPH; Erin Heiden, MPH; Danny T. Foster, PhD, ATC
    Pages 372-379
  • Assessment of Certified Athletic Trainers’ Levels of Cultural Competence in the Delivery of Health Care
    Jeremy Marra, MS, ATC, CSCS; Tracey Covassin, PhD, ATC; Rene´ R. Shingles, PhD, ATC;
    Renee Branch Canady, PhD, MPA; Tom Mackowiak, PhD, ATC
    Pages 380-385
  • National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Football Players’ Perceptions of Women in the Athletic
    Training Room Using a Role Congruity Framework
    Caitlin O’Connor, MS, ATC; Heidi Grappendorf, PhD; Laura Burton, PhD; Sandra M. Harmon, BA; Angela C. Henderson, PhD; Judy Peel, PhD
    Pages 386-391
  • Balance Training for Neuromuscular Control and Performance Enhancement: A Systematic Review
    Astrid Zech, PhD; Markus Hu¨ bscher, PhD; Lutz Vogt, PhD; Winfried Banzer, MD, PhD; Frank Ha¨ nsel, PhD; Klaus Pfeifer, PhD
    Pages 392-403
  • Subscapularis Tendon Integrity: An Examination of Shoulder Index Tests
    Ruel Rigsby, MS, ATC; Michael Sitler, EdD, ATC, FNATA; John D. Kelly, IV, MD
    Pages 404-406
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