BOC Fee and Process Changes Announced

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-Fee Discounted and Payment Convenient for NATA Members

BOC Update from 2011 Annual Meeting

Original Statement on BOC Changes

It’s all about credibility and professionalism.

The Board of Certification, Inc., recently announced a change in recertification fees – and in the way those fees are collected, another step in the evolution of the BOC. For NATA members, the impact will be seen most clearly during the membership renewal process. Members will receive a significant discount on the fee and an easy method for payment.

What’s the New Fee System?

Within the new system, NATA obtained for members a 32% discount on the annual BOC recertification fee – and the convenience for members to bundle the recertification cost with their membership dues for one easy payment. An additional benefit is that members can utilize an NATA payment plan to spread out the cost for a period of up to 4-months.

The BOC made the decision to implement this change. Non-members are charged a $50 annual recertification fee paid through BOC Central™ on the BOC website.

NATA members, meanwhile, will pay only $34 if they add the recertification fee to the NATA dues invoice during the membership renewal period. Only by combining the two, between 11/1/11 and 4/30/12, can an NATA member obtain the discount.

Status Recertification Fee

How is Fee Paid

Non-member $50 Paid through BOC Central™ on the BOC website
NATA Member, who pays the recertification fee through NATA between 11/1/11 and 4/30/12 $34 NATA professional development invoice combining the discounted recertification fee and member dues
NATA Member who does not pay the recertification fees through NATA between 11/1/11 and 4/30/12 $50 Paid through BOC Central™ on the BOC website

Why the Change?

NATA President Marje Albohm, MS, ATC, said the BOC’s decision to make these changes reflects the standard for most other health care professions’ certification structure.

“This is a natural evolution,” she explained. “The BOC is an entirely separate entity that must be accountable within its own arena of certifying agencies. Particularly in the health care professions, the collection of recertification fees is kept separate so as to enhance the credibility of the certifying agency. That’s the goal here.”

While the BOC grew from what began as an NATA committee, it has been separately incorporated since 1989, and it has been headquartered in Omaha, NE., since 1997 – with its own staff and board of directors.

NATA continues to work closely with the BOC through a strategic alliance formalized in 2009.

“Although this was not an NATA decision because it is under the jurisdiction of the certifying agency, the BOC, we worked very closely together in finding the best outcome for our members,” Albohm said.

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