Membership Categories




An individual who holds the ATC (Athletic Trainer, Certified) credential and is in good standing with the BOC.

Career Starter

A newly Certified Regular member will receive a reduction in dues for the first full billing cycle following certification.


Individual who is working professionally in athletics, education, research, medicine or other profession related to athletic training




A certified individual enrolled as a full time graduate student working toward an advanced degree at an accredited college or university. Maximum of five years is allowed in this category.

Non-certified Student

(Undergraduate or Graduate) An individual enrolled as a full-time undergraduate or graduate student studying athletic training in a college or university who has not fulfilled BOC requirements for certification. A combined total of eight years (undergraduate five, graduate three) is allowed in this category.

Student Requirements



Certified and Non-certified International

Individual whose residence is located outside the ten districts. The Journal of Athletic Training and the NATA News are available online for these members.



Certified Military – Inactive

A Certified member in the Reserves who submits proof of active military service may request Certified Military-Inactive Status for a maximum of two years. The member, who does not pay dues and does not receive member benefits, may resume Certified membership without a break in service if no more than two full billing cycles have transpired.



This category is open to any certified member who has followed the NATA BOC procedures to resign certification, provided written documentation to the NATA membership department attesting that s/he is retired from the practice of athletic training, and has been an NATA member for 20 continuous years at the time of resignation. Members in this category may vote on Association matters. Certified-Retired members do not pay dues.

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