Journal of Athletic Training - Vol. 45.6

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  • Frequency and Location of Head Impact Exposures in Individual Collegiate Football Players
    Joseph J. Crisco, PhD; Russell Fiore, MEd, ATC; Jonathan G. Beckwith, MS; Jeffrey J. Chu, MS;
    Per Gunnar Brolinson, DO; Stefan Duma, PhD; Thomas W. McAllister, MD; Ann-Christine Duhaime, MD;
    Richard M. Greenwald, PhD
    Pages 549-559
  • Emergency Face-Mask Removal Effectiveness: A Comparison of Traditional and Nontraditional Football Helmet Face-Mask Attachment Systems
    Erik E. Swartz, PhD, ATC; Keith Belmore, MS, ATC; Laura C. Decoster, ATC; Charles W. Armstrong, PhD
    Pages 560-569
  • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and Volitional Quadriceps Activation
    Christopher E. Gibbons, MEd, ATC; Brian G. Pietrosimone, PhD, ATC; Joseph M. Hart, PhD, ATC;
    Susan A. Saliba, PhD, PT, ATC; Christopher D. Ingersoll, PhD, ATC, FNATA, FACSM
    Pages 570-579
  • Time to Stabilization of Anterior Cruciate Ligament–Reconstructed Versus Healthy Knees in National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Female Athletes
    Kathryn A. Webster, PhD, ATC; Phillip A. Gribble, PhD, ATC
    Pages 580-585
  • Isometric Knee-Extension and Knee-Flexion Torque Production During Early Follicular and Postovulatory Phases in Recreationally Active Women
    Melissa M. Montgomery, MA, ATC; Sandra J. Shultz, PhD, ATC, FNATA, FACSM
    Pages 586-593
  • Core-Temperature Sensor Ingestion Timing and Measurement Variability
    Joseph W. Domitrovich, MS; John S. Cuddy, MS, CSCS; Brent C. Ruby, PhD, FACSM
    Pages 594-600
  • Gastric Emptying After Pickle-Juice Ingestion in Rested, Euhydrated Humans
    Kevin C. Miller, PhD, ATC, CSCS; Gary W. Mack, PhD, FACSM; Kenneth L. Knight, PhD, ATC, FNATA, FACSM
    Pages 601-608
  • Accuracy and Reliability of Peer Assessment of Athletic Training Psychomotor Laboratory Skills
    Melissa C. Marty, PhD, ATC, CSCS; Jolene M. Henning, EdD, LAT, ATC; John T. Willse, PsyD
    Pages 609-614
  • Transient Disablement in the Physically Active With Musculoskeletal Injuries, Part I: A Descriptive Model
    Luzita I. Vela, PhD, LAT, ATC; Craig Denegar, PhD, PT, ATC, FNATA
    Pages 615-629
  • The Disablement in the Physically Active Scale, Part II: The Psychometric Properties of an Outcomes Scale for Musculoskeletal Injuries
    Luzita I. Vela, PhD, LAT, ATC; Craig Denegar, PhD, PT, ATC, FNATA
    Pages 630-641
  • Temperature Measurement Reliability and Validity With Thermocouple Extension Leads or Changing
    Lead Temperature

    Lisa S. Jutte, PhD, LAT, ATC; Blaine C. Long, PhD, LAT, ATC; Kenneth L. Knight, PhD, ATC, FNATA, FACSM
    Pages 642-644
  • Autoimmune Dysfunction and Subsequent Renal Insufficiency in a Collegiate Female Athlete: A Case Report
    James E. Leone, PhD, ATC, CSCS*D, CHES; Amie Kern, MS, ATC; Joshua D. Williamson, MS, ATC, CSCS; Robert M. Colandreo, DPT, ATC, CSCS
    Pages 645-649
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