Journal of Athletic Training - Vol. 45.3

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  • Helmet Fit and Cervical Spine Motion in Collegiate Men’s Lacrosse Athletes Secured to a Spine Board
    Meredith A. Petschauer, PhD, LAT, ATC; Randy Schmitz, PhD, LAT, ATC; Diane L. Gill, PhD
    Pages 215-221
  • Staphylococcus aureus Recovery From Environmental and Human Locations in 2 Collegiate Athletic Teams
    Anna R. Oller, PhD, MT(ASCP); Larry Province, MS; Brian Curless, MA, LAT, ATC, OPA-C
    Pages 222-229
  • The Magnitude of Tissue Cooling During Cryotherapy With Varied Types of Compression
    David Tomchuk, MS, LAT, ATC, CSCS; Mack D. Rubley, PhD, LAT, ATC, CSCS*D;
    William R. Holcomb, PhD, LAT, ATC, CSCS*D; Mark Guadagnoli, PhD; Jason M. Tarno, DO
    Pages 230-237
  • Soccer Injuries in Female Youth Players: Comparison of Injury Surveillance by Certified Athletic Trainers and Internet
    Melissa A. Schiff, MD, MPH; Christopher D. Mack, MS; Nayak L. Polissar, PhD; Marni R. Levy;
    Sara P. Dow, MD; John W. O’Kane, MD
    Pages 238-242
  • Relationships Among Injury and Disordered Eating, Menstrual Dysfunction, and Low Bone Mineral Density in High
    School Athletes: A Prospective Study
    Mitchell J. Rauh, PhD, MPH, PT, FACSM; Jeanne F. Nichols, PhD, FACSM; Michelle T. Barrack, MS
    Pages 243-252
  • Association of Generalized Joint Hypermobility With a History of Glenohumeral Joint Instability
    Kenneth L. Cameron, PhD, ATC, CSCS; Michele L. Duffey, MS; Thomas M. DeBerardino, MD;
    Paul D. Stoneman, PhD, PT; Christopher J. Jones, MA, ATC; Brett D. Owens, MD
    Pages 253-258
  • A Description of Shock Attenuation for Children Running
    John A. Mercer, PhD, FACSM; Janet S. Dufek, PhD, FACSM; Brent C. Mangus, EdD, ATC;
    Mack D. Rubley, PhD, LAT, ATC, CSCS*D; Kunal Bhanot, MS, PT; Jennifer M. Aldridge, BS
    Pages 259-264
  • Electrocardiogram Testing During Athletic Preparticipation Physical Examinations
    Daniel P. O’Connor, PhD, LAT, ATC; Mark A. Knoblauch, MS, LAT, ATC
    Pages 265-272
  • Investigation of Baseline Self-Report Concussion Symptom Scores
    Scott G. Piland, PhD, ATC; Michael S. Ferrara, PhD, ATC, FNATA; Stephen N. Macciocchi, PhD, ABPP;
    Steven P. Broglio, PhD, ATC; Trenton E. Gould, PhD, ATC
    Pages 273-278
  • Formal and Informal Continuing Education Activities and Athletic Training Professional Practice
    Kirk J. Armstrong, EdD, LAT, ATC; Thomas G. Weidner, PhD, LAT, ATC, FNATA
    Pages 279-286
  • Retention and Attrition Factors for Female Certified Athletic Trainers in the National Collegiate Athletic Association
    Division I Football Bowl Subdivision Setting
    Ashley Goodman, PhD, LAT, ATC, CPed; James M. Mensch, PhD, ATC; Michelle Jay, PhD;
    Karen E. French, PhD; Murray F. Mitchell, PhD; Stacy L. Fritz, PhD, PT
    Pages 287-298
  • Adherence to Drug-Dispensation and Drug-Administration Laws and Guidelines in Collegiate Athletic Training Rooms:
    A 5-Year Review

    Leamor Kahanov, EdD, ATC; Jeff Roberts, MS, ATC, PES; Emily M. Wughalter, PhD
    Pages 299-305
  • Cryotherapy and Joint Position Sense in Healthy Participants: A Systematic Review
    Joseph T. Costello, BSc; Alan E. Donnelly, PhD
    Pages 306-316
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