About Jack Cramer

John F. (Jack) Cramer, son of company co-founder Frank Cramer, was a man with a passion for athletic training. Born in 1918, Jack grew up in Gardner, Kansas, and attended Kansas State University where he was assigned the duties of head athletic trainer-while still a student! Jack spent his entire career with Cramer Products, Inc., starting in the early 1940s. He worked in sales, promotions, and advertising, and served as chairman of the board for 20 years. For many years, Jack demonstrated his creative abilities by contributing articles and sketches to Cramer Products' First Aider newsletter.But Jack's passion for his profession went way beyond the walls of Cramer Products.His home was always open to athletic trainers traveling through the area, and he was known as a one-man job placement center. He always knew what athletic training jobs were available across the country, and knew which athletic trainers wanted to move or change jobs. Jack was considered a pioneer in the field of athletic training and sports injury care. In 1982, he was inducted into the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics Hall of Fame, and he was a founder and honorary member of the National Athletic Trainers Association.Jack Cramer died August 5, 2004, at the age of 86. His memory lives on at Cramer Products, Inc., through the standards that he set for quality, service and innovation. It is our privilege to offer a scholarship in the name of this man who dedicated a lifetime to the profession of athletic training.

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