Vice President

Sample Job Description


Vice President


The vice president provides strategic leadership for the development of the service line so that a full continuum of services is created and structured in response to customer needs (patient, payer, physician). The vice president will guide the development of the overall leadership structure and strategic plan and create goals and plans for quality and financial management of the service line.


  1. Five to ten years in a significant administrative leadership position in health care. Five to ten years experience in the applicable service line preferred.
  2. Demonstrated leadership skills in past positions consistent with mission and leadership philosophy of the facility.
  3. Undergraduate degree required, graduate level degree preferred.


Candidates for this position will have:

  • Knowledge of, and ability to apply facility philosophy, principles and technology;
  • Ability to demonstrate and provide examples of continuous personal development and improvement in each of the essential functions listed in the section below;
  • Experience in working closely with physicians, especially with partnerships or program development;
  • Knowledge of and experience in the work of the service line; and
  • Ability to demonstrate competency in financial management, leadership in an interdisciplinary environment, systems thinking and effective written and verbal communication skills.


Knowledge to direct care appropriate to support program development/market strategies or specific populations served by service line.


Directors of service line related departments.


  1. Identify and develop an overall leadership structure and team for the service line. Leadership philosophies will be firmly grounded in a “team” mentality and approach.
  2. Develop and implement a strategic and operational plan for the service line that addresses: mission, medical staff development issues, charity care, access, quality improvement, financial performance, market assessment and analysis, human resources and information management.
  3. Assist in the development of a structure or framework that integrates physicians into decision making with the service line and significantly involves them in strategic planning and budgeting.
  4. Develop, in conjunction with the human resources staff, effective human resources management plans and strategies for the service line.
  5. Achieve a financial performance and market share that is the local market leader and subsequently, a regional or national market leader.
  6. Benchmark key performance indicators and major processes in order to move towards best practices and assure consistency of these indicators across the collaborative network.
  7. Explore creative alternative care settings to achieve highest possible quality and lowest possible cost (best value) with appropriate utilization, case management and emphasis on prevention.
  8. Be knowledgeable of mission integration, organizational development, managed care, capitation, cost reimbursement, etc., trends and their ramifications on the service line and assure a similar understanding in leadership team and staff.
  9. Assure compliance with all external regulatory agencies and organizations for all areas of responsibility.
  10. Utilize continuous quality improvement philosophies, techniques and tools in all aspects of the position.
  11. Develop supportive working relationships with other service line executives and support team leaders to ensure a seamless continuum of care and avoid duplication.
  12. Work with the managed care staff to develop a comprehensive, marketable picture of the service line’s continuum of care.
  13. Align all work and resource management with the network’s mission, vision, philosophies and values, goals and strategic imperatives.


  • Able to sit at desk to do computer work;
  • Independent mobility between sites (internal and external); and
  • Able to maintain bio psychosocial balance.
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