Ambulatory Care Practitioner

Sample Job Description

Job duties:

In surgical environment:

  • Assists in the surgical suite with patient positioning, prepping, draping.
  • Performs surgical scrubs, provides hemostasis, handling of tissues, exposing operative sites, surgical assisting, suturing, applying post operative wound dressings and appliances.
  • Performs patient assessment during post operative phases, and provides education on home care plans for pain care, ADL's, mobility and exercise.

In clinical environment:

  • Performs initial patient assessments and screens, develops and distributes ongoing patient education information, provides bracing and orthotic fabrication and applications, casting, suture removal and post-operative wound assessment and care.
  • Develops and implements marketing strategies, establishes and maintains community relations and provide educational programs for coaches and community members.
  • Serves as purchasing agent for the practice by maintaining appropriate inventory levels, and selecting and purchasing medical and operational office supplies.
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