Budgeting for ATrack

There are now over 100 campuses using the system – with more coming onboard every day. ATrack offers an affordable, secure way:

  • For Preceptors to reduce paperwork and track clinical proficiency records for any student;
  • For students to track their hours, access their proficiency results, read notes on their performance and chart their own progress through the program;
  • To prepare for accreditation audits and help students track their hours.

ATrack Budgeting Tips

Annual Campus Fees Your annual fee is based on your number of students. All subscriptions expire as of 8/31. Determine your campus fee.

Student Member Dues When planning for student fees for ATrack, remember that NATA student members use ATrack free of charge. The NATA student membership rates are less than ATrack student non-member rates. Dues are subject to change for each new calendar year. For your students who are already NATA members, they may renew their membership during the normal fall membership renewal period. 

First Time NATA Student Members For your students who are first time NATA members, after August 1, 2015 we will allow them to join at any time during the remainder of 2015 and pay only the cost of 2016 membership. This means they will receive full membership benefits for the remainder of 2015 at no cost. Enroll these students here.

Student Non-member Fees Students who are not members of NATA who wish to use ATrack must complete this form and fax it to 214-736-5464 or e-mail it to membership@nata.org. Pricing for student non-members is shown on the form.

Freshmen Students For some ATEPs, we know that freshmen students need to access ATrack yet you don’t want these students to pay to be NATA members since they aren’t actually yet accepted into your athletic training program.  Therefore, for your freshmen students, we now offer the ability for them to use ATrack without joining NATA or paying any fees. These students will be given free access to a modified version of ATrack for one year. The free year begins on August 1.  For more information or to sign up your freshmen students, sign in to ATrack and go to “Show Users” under the User Management menu. At the bottom of the screen, there is a button called “Free Freshman Program" where you can sign up your freshmen students.

Renew Your ATrack Now

When you’re ready to renew for the 2015-16 academic year, please fill out the ATrack Order Form. You can pay by credit card or enter a purchase order to be invoiced. Note: Renewal invoices are not automatically generated, as the number of students in your program may change from year to year.

Questions or Concerns? If you have any questions or suggestions regarding ATrack, contact membership@nata.org.

We look forward to your continued patronage of the ATrack system!

Go to ATrack now.

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