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Research Survey Request



For student members, NATA will broadcast email student surveys to a maximum of 1,000 participants. If a follow-up reminder is desired, NATA will transmit a second letter to the same members selected for the original  broadcast.

For professional members, NATA will provide address or email lists at the lowest rate (9¢/  name).  Prepayment and a signed one-time use agreement are  required in addition to the documents below. There is no limit to the number of contact names a professional member can request for a project.  NATA does not offer an email broadcast service for professional members.


The following disclaimer is required:
“This student survey is not approved or endorsed by NATA. It is being sent to you because of NATA’s commitment to athletic training education and research.”



  1. Completed application form (below).
  2. Institutional Review Board approval - upload below.
  3. Informed Consent form, if applicable - upload below.
  4. Word ( .doc) version of survey invitation email to participants - upload below.  See Sample-Cover-Letter for more information.
  5. Description / criteria identifying targeted survey participants - see 'Research-Survey-Criteria' document for more information.
Research-Survey-Sample-Cover-Letter.pdf58.47 KB
Research-Survey-Criteria.pdf58.97 KB