Combined Outreach Athletic Trainer

The primary responsibilities of the outreach ATC are to provide superior rehabilitative
care to injured athletes and patients; to educate the public on injury prevention,
rehabilitation, wellness and other health-related issues; and to maintain the highest
standards of care and integrity.

Applicants for the outreach athletic trainer position must be BOC-certified or
certification-eligible with a bachelor’s of science degree in a related field.
The outreach athletic training position is full-time. The ATC will work five (5) days per week,
including thirty (30) hours at the primary facility/clinic and an average of twenty (20) hours at
a local, contracted school. Some components of the day-to-day responsibilities associated with
this aspect of the position are:

  • Promoting excellent patent care.
  • Communicating with physical therapists and physicians regarding patients’ conditions,
    treatments and protocols.
  • Devising a rehabilitation and treatment regimen in conjunction with physical therapists.
  • Setting up and breaking down patient modalities.
  • Maintaining charts and relevant paperwork.
  • Tracking invoices and insurance benefits in conjunction with billing personnel.
  • Conducting injury screenings for student-athletes.
  • Generating and implementing in-home exercise programs.
  • Assisting with day-to-day operations of the clinic (e.g. stocking supplies, cleaning,
    equipment maintenance, answering phones, etc.).
  • Completing school visitation(s). All outreach and clinical ATCs will contact a local high
    school and arrange a weekly visitation schedule. These visits will occur once per week
    and last approximately one hour. These hours are included in the full-time workweek.
  • Providing event coverage. All outreach and clinical ATCs will occasionally be asked to
    provide medical coverage at outside games, practices and/or tournaments. These events
    will be scheduled with the clinical athletic trainer coordinator, who will handle the
    payment arrangement.
  • Assisting with the clinic’s injury hotline. Each ATC will be responsible for after-hours
    injury hotline calls on a rotational basis.

The outreach ATC has the added responsibility of working daily in the athletic training room of a
local school with which the clinic has a current contract for medical coverage. Coverage may be
given at high schools, elementary/middle schools or community colleges. As in any athletic
training room, the ATC is the primary and often sole caregiver and works under the supervision
of a team physician. Some of the specific responsibilities of the outreach portion of this position

  • Prevention, recognition, evaluation and immediate care, rehabilitation and reconditioning
    of athletic injuries.
  • Pre-game/practice taping and preparation.
  • Communicating with athletes, parents, athletic director(s), coaches and physicians
    regarding athletes’ playing status and ability to return to competition. All communication
    must be conducted within the bounds of confidentiality.
  • Coverage of home-scheduled athletic events. Depending on the institution, this may
    include weekend and/or evening contests.
  • Maintaining charts and relevant paperwork.
  • Referring athletes for appropriate diagnostic and follow-up procedures and subsequent
    injury tracking.
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