So I am a little bit confused right now. I've never used this website, or feature for that matter, but I will learn. I can't believe I just paid $105 to become a part of a National organization of Athletic Trainers. I didn't think it would happen to me, but here I am.

I don't know what i should do with this blog entry. I lot of ideas have come to mind: personal blogging, clinical blogging, blogging about my lectures and what not, maybe observation experiences? This will be fun to look at if I ever become a certified ATC. Right now, I'm in the Rotunda, playing around with the "blog" on the NATA website, when I should be studying about the skull and all the sutures it has: Coronal, Squamous, Sagittal, and Lamboid.

ATEP applications are due in about a week and I've still yet to get started. I'm struggling with the topics of "future career plans" and "what do you expect to accomplish". I could answer the first one by saying... whatever opportunity comes my way, it'll be a learning experience. And the second one by saying, " everything and anything. the sky is the limit!"
But in all honestly, that's how I really feel. I want to learn it all. The techniques, modalities, lifestyle, skills, everything that has to do with AT. It's all so amazing, cool, and revolutionary for me because I came from a background where i was never exposed to this stuff. If I was an athlete, I'd be the ATs best friend because I would want to know that if anything ever happened to me, they could help me out. I just wish I found out about this stuff earlier, then I wouldn't be so afraid of tearing tape. That will probably become the least of my problems as the year progresses but, hey, when you're new, everything can seem like a challenge.

I guess its time for me to start studying now. Bye Blog! ATs rule :D