Secondary School Employment Grant Program

Secondary Schools Pay Only $75 to Post a Full-Time Job!

Thanks to Gatorade and Johnson & Johnson NATA is pleased to offer a special service to secondary schools, thanks to the generous support of Gatorade and Johnson & Johnson. The NATA Career Center Secondary School Employment Grant Program is designed to help secondary schools that wish to utilize the NATA Career Center and request financial assistance. The grant program assists school systems that wish to use the career center. The program criteria consists of the following.

  • The advertiser must be a secondary school system or individual school.
  • The job is a suitable professional position for an athletic trainer to provide a comprehensive athletic health care program in a high school or middle school setting that includes a minimum of five day a week athlete contact.

Here’s how it works. When a school applies for and is approved for a grant, the school pays only $75 of the $275 position listing fee. The other $200 is paid by the program sponsors. Recipients of Career Center Secondary School Employment Grants will be publicized in the NATA News, on the Career Center, and other places determined by NATA. Grant recipient contact information will be provided to program sponsors. Grant recipients are eligible to apply for an employment grant for future vacancies. To apply for an employment grant, a secondary school representative does three things:

  1. Registers as an employer on the NATA Career Center
  2. Completes the one page on-line application (This includes submitting a copy of the proposed job listing)
  3. Commits to sending a note of thanks to the grant sponsor. Sponsor contact information will be provided.

A review panel consisting of the three members of the Secondary School Athletic Trainers’ Committee will approve (or disapprove) grant applications based on the evaluation criteria stated above. Every effort will be made to send an e-mail notification of the application decision within three business days, but no longer than seven business days. The NATA offers its sincere thanks to Gatorade and Johnson & Johnson for providing this valuable service to secondary schools and assisting our members in the secondary school setting. Note: Inputting your job vacancy here is part of the grant application process only. THIS DOES NOT POST IT ON THE CAREER CENTER. You must purchase and receive a job activation credit, then enter the job vacancy on the Career Center site, to post the vacancy. NATA will make every attempt to review requests and respond within three business days. In some cases, however, this will may take up to seven business days.

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