Hospital & Clinical Setting

For more information on the Hospital & Clinical Setting, contact Aaron F. Hajart, Lisa Kluchurosky or Rob Sandmann on the CEPAT committee.

Athletic trainers (ATs) are routinely employed in hospitals, clinics and orthopedic, family, pediatric, physiatry and sports medicine office practices. ATs working in these settings improve productivity, patient outcomes and satisfaction. They help move patients more effectively and efficiently through the appointment, evaluation and treatment process. By providing quality services to more patients in the same period of time, physicians are able to increase patient throughput and revenue generation. Today many physicians are choosing to hire athletic trainers as a part of their office staff. Athletic trainers provide value to the practice through skills in triage, taking patient histories, performing evaluations, providing instruction on exercise prescriptions, rehabilitation and general patient education.


We are looking for individuals who are leaders in the field of administration to present a 5 minute message on best practices in your workplace during the Healthcare Administrators’ Forum at the NATA Clinical Symposia on Friday, June 27, from 11 AM – 1 PM. The topic should be one that is relevant throughout different healthcare systems and clinics across the country. Your presentation should provide insights on how to overcome the obstacles that many of ATs face while working in administration. If you are interested in presenting, please fill out this form and e-mail to Amanda Muscatell  no later than April 1, 2014.



Clinical & Emerging Practices Athletic Trainers' Committee (CEPAT)

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