Athletic trainer

Having survived an aneurysm and stroke in July 2014, McKinney North High School athletic trainer Elicia Leal, MEd, ATC, LAT, has progressed leaps and bounds during her recovery. Throughout her journey, which  included emergency surgery and extensive rehabilitation, Leal has remained positive, finding strength and support in her friends and loved ones.

Her road to recovery is detailed in the July NATA News, but we asked a few more questions to help you get better acquainted of this month’s cover star.

In her office at Radio City Music Hall, old magazines and photos of the Radio City Rockettes through the years decorate the walls. As she sits at her desk, Elaine Winslow-Redmond, MS, ATC, EMT, head athletic trainer and director of athletic training and wellness for the Radio City Rockettes, recalls how the cozy room once served as the entire athletic training treatment area many years ago.

By John Doherty, ATC, PT

Baseball, basketball and football may be our three biggest spectator sports. Beyond filling stadiums and arenas, they have plenty of participants at the youth and high school levels.
Despite their popularity, these sports are far outdone by another in terms of participation. Furthermore, without this sport’s most fundamental aspect, the other three wouldn’t be possible at all; for where would those “big three” spectator sports be without running?

Since trading in a spot on the sidelines as a "traditional" AT for a cubicle at the national office in Dallas, Michelle Vryhof, MA, ATC, has continued to keep busy, from compiling research and assisting with event planning to offering her fresh perspective on NATA initiatives and events. This past weekend, Michelle joined staff, ATs and AT students for Capitol  HIll Day and the Youth Sports Safety Summit, where she participated in lobbying efforts and met with fellow Alliance members in Washington, D.C. Here's what she had to say about her experience.

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