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YPC Members

Chair - Sam Zuege MS, ATC, LAT

University of Louisville | sam.zuege@louisville.edu


District 1 - Elizabeth Wolfe, ATC

Tufts Medical Center | elizabeth.s.wolfe@gmail.com


District 2 - Bridget Spooner, MS, ATC

Springfield College | bspooner@spfldcol.edu


District 3 - Dawn Emerson, MS, ATC

University of South Carolina | dawn.minton@my.athens.edu


District 4 - Kenneth Games, PhD, LAT, ATC

Indiana State University| Kenneth.Games@gmail.com


District 5 - Amanda Brown, ATC

             Iowa State University  | AmandBrown@gmail.com


District 6 - Courtney Hobbs Washington, MS, ATC, LAT

Southern Methodist University | chwashington@smu.edu


District 7 - Jenna Street, MEd, ATC, LAT

United States Olympic Committee | street.jenna@gmail.com


District 8 - Heather Harvey, MA, ATC

Summit High School | heatheratc@me.com


District 9 - Ashley Morgan, MAT, LAT, ATC

Mississippi Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic | a.mmorgan@yahoo.com


District 10 - Tim Nicolello, MS, ATC, OTC

St. Luke's Sports Medicine | nicolelt@slhs.org


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