State Budget Crisis

What You Can Do:

Athletic Trainers

  • Encourage your team physician, parents and others to write an open letter to your school board, superintendent, booster clubs, etc. to support sport safety and athletic trainers in secondary schools
  • Submit an op-ed to local newspapers, television stations and radio stations. You can also encourage your supporters (parents, coaches, team physicians, etc.) to do the same. This should be for others to do—see below.
  • Use the resources below to help prove your worth and protect your job.
  • Develop a one-page recap report that shows the highlights of services you’ve provided in the past year(s). Include things like: how many concussions diagnosed, how many spine injuries, therapy/rehab treatments, broken bones, severe sprains/strains, estimated number of games and practices at which you provided athletic health care services (don’t say coverage, which some people equate to just standing around), how many PPEs conducted, how many students/faculty/administrators/parents served. Divide all this by your annual salary?
  • Start a petition in your school district

-Ask individual parents, booster clubs and coaches to sign in support

-Ask groups, such as, State Athletic Associations, Medical Associations and Other Groups to sign in support

-If a school district has an athletics program, it must have adequate health care provided by athletic trainers

  • Produce a YouTube video like the one listed below.

What others can do

  • Ask your team physician, booster club president or other parent leader to write and op-ed to the local newspaper, radio programs, TV program. Here is a list of message points they should make (RL: write 4-5-6 simple message points and then link to the document. Or just insert the message points here. Use same basic points as in your petition letter. Tell them to personalize with their school name, how many kids and sports they serve, how long at the school, etc.)



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