Clinical Application Techniques in Spine Boarding in the Gymnastics Foam Pit


Clinical Application Techniques in Spine Boarding in the Gymnastics Foam Pit


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October 24, 2013 


12:00pm-1:15 CST


Jeffrey A. Bonacci DA, ATC, LAT


For the last 14 years, Dr. Bonacci has served as the program director of entry-level graduate athletic training education program at the University of Arkansas.  He received his doctorate degree from Middle Tennessee State University 1998, his MS from West Virginia University 1988 and his BS from the University of Akron in 1987.
Spine boarding techniques of the injured athlete are well documented in literature.  However, such studies pertain to subjects placed on the stable ground or in swimming pools.  To date, no studies exist other than anecdotal testimonies of spine boarding the injured athlete in the gymnastic foam pit.  The purpose of this presentation will be to provide the audience with current recommended clinical application techniques of spine boarding an injured athlete in the gymnastics pit.  Furthermore, this webinar will discuss current research gaps and limitations related to this technique.   Future research recommendations will be discussed to enhance evidence base practice for this technique.

Clinical Objectives:

At the conclusion of this presentation, the learner will be able to:

  • Acquire the current spine boarding techniques in the gymnastics pit
  • Compare and contrast spine boarding techniques between the gymnastic foam pit and the ground
  • Acquire the current research questions needed to enhance evidence base practice of spine boarding in the gymnastics pit.

Athletic Training Domain:

Immediate and Emergency Care 

Course Level:


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