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ATEP Directors – Opportunity Abounds with Important New Project!

A new project that provides enhanced learning for students, offers fun and excitement, can be accomplished quickly, provides needed dollars for student clubs, enhances NATA’s public image and significantly promotes the profession…is it just too good to be true? Seemingly so, but no, says the NATA Board of Directors and past president Chuck Kimmel, LAT, ATC. Kimmel is the project lead for NATA’s participation in, a new Q&A-based health/medical information web site created by the founder of WebMD, Dr. Oz and Discovery Communications (learn more about this project in upcoming communications from NATA). As a content partner in, NATA is developing Q&A highlighting the expertise of athletic trainers for the general public. NATA’s involvement comes with no direct costs.

Kimmel, who is working with Joanne Klossner, PhD, LAT, ATC, Jay Shoop, MEd, ATC, Jeff Stone, MEd, ATC, Clint Thompson, MA, ATC, Alice Wilcoxson, PhD, ATC, PT and board liaison Bart Peterson, MSS, ATC on the NATA Sharecare Project Review Group, is asking for 20 athletic training education programs to volunteer to develop the questions and answers over the next month or so. The project entails two phases: In phase 1 ATEP program directors will identify their interest to participate (first 20 will participate) and will indicate up to 3 categories of interest. The Sharecare Project Review Group will ultimately confirm participation and which category(ies) the ATEP will be assigned. In the final phase of ATEP involvement, the ATEP will develop a minimum of 50 and a maximum of 100 questions and answers in the assigned areas. The volunteer ATEP student clubs will earn $1 per question and answer, up to $100. Estimates are the project will take two weeks to one month to complete depending upon class schedules and priorities.

The Sharecare Project Review Group members will be assigned to ATEPS to facilitate the project and the group will review and edit the Q&A that will be submitted to on behalf of NATA and the profession. Please note that NATA will own the content and has all rights to the content in Q&A form.

Questions should be basic questions an athlete, parent, patient, or coach might ask. Answers should be evidence-based and based on best practices, yet written for the general public. Citations will not be required for the answer because between the curriculum personnel working with the students and the project team vetting all questions and answers, they will be the best possible information NATA can provide the public.

Here are the topic categories:

1. Environmental conditions
2. Risk management (personal protection, etc.)
3. Equipment (standard and special)
4. Classification of injuries
5. Specific sport related conditions (youth, cheerleading, Rodeo, dance, snowboarding, water and snow skiing, rock climbing, bouldering, car racing, etc.)
6. Rehab / Cardio
7. Sports nutrition (weight loss, weight gain, disordered eating, pre/in/post- competition nutrition) (endurance vs. short)
8. Musculoskeletal conditions, acute and chronic / anatomy / special tests (MRI)
9. First aid (RICE, crutches vs. no crutches, wrap vs. no wrap, etc.)
10. Anatomy
11. Head and Face
12. Neck
13. Shoulder
14. Thoracic and abdomen
15. Elbow
16. Hand and wrist
17. Back and hip
18. Thigh and knee
19. Lower leg, ankle, and foot
20. General medical

Ready to participate? Thank you for your interest! Please hurry to ensure your school is one of the first 20 to respond.
Send an email to with your top three categories.

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