Professional Education (Entry-Level)

Entry-level athletic training education uses a competency-based approach in both the classroom and clinical settings. Using a medical-based education model, athletic training students are educated to serve in the role of physician extenders, with an emphasis on clinical reasoning skills. Educational content is based on cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skill), affective competencies (professional behaviors) and clinical proficiencies (professional, practice-oriented outcomes). Students must receive formal instruction in the following specific subject matter areas:

Foundational Courses

Human physiology
Human anatomy
Exercise physiology
Therapeutic modalities
Acute care of injury and illness
Statistics and research design
Strength training and reconditioning

Professional Course Content Areas

    Risk management and injury/illness prevention
    Pathology of injury/illness
    Assessment of injury/illness
    General medical conditions and disabilities
    Therapeutic exercise; rehabilitative techniques
    Health care administration
    Weight management and body composition
    Psychosocial intervention and referral
    Medical ethics and legal issues
    Professional development and responsibilities

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