Post-Professional Education Committee


This committee is comprised of members in graduate education or advanced clinical practice settings.


The mission of the PPEC is to provide strategic vision and guidance to all post-professional education in Athletic Training. The promotion of life-long learning and professional development will impart advanced knowledge and skills of athletic trainers to achieve career goals and fulfilment, while also excelling in the clinical practice, research and scholarship that enhances the quality of patient care, optimizing outcomes, and improving patients’ health-related quality of life. 
To achieve this mission the PPEC is responsible for the overall development and oversight of specializations in Athletic Training and post-professional credentials. The role of doctoral degrees and fellowships in Athletic Training will be examined to elucidate the appropriate delineation, continuity and quality of the educational process based on the progression of knowledge and corresponding credentials.


  1. Develop and execute a strategy for initiating the first specialty certification for Athletic Training.
  2. Define and differentiate the various types of doctoral level educational programs (research, clinical, professional) for consumers.
  3. Formulate, for determination by the NATA BOD, the policies/guidelines for approved  clinical doctorates and fellowships that prepare athletic trainers for advanced clinical practice, research and scholarship
  4. Create recommendations to assess the quality and quantity of post-professional education outcomes for advanced clinical practice, research and scholarship in the profession of Athletic Training.
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